Eden Medical provides innovative healthcare solutions for diabetic self-care,wound healing, wearables and mHealth.


 Eden's engineers and scientists specialize in disposable medical device design for body-worn applications. Eden also develops image processing systems for patient care operating in the near(i.e.700nm to 1 micrometer) and far (8 to 14 micrometer)  range. Key examples of our innovative technology offering are the Smart Seal Ostomy Appliance, and Diabetic Foot Imaging Scanner. The Diabetic Foot Imaging Scanner (DFIS) has been developed to perform infrared imaging of a diabetic's foot to assess potential for ulceration due to repetitive stress.

Latest News- See our poster paper to the 2019 Diabetic Foot

 Patent News- see our new US utility patent, no. 9,046,085 B2, "Miniature Pumps", a 3D printed disposable medical pump for woundcare. The innovative design is incorporates a polymer muscle to dispense a wound healing agent or sealant. The pump can be mounted on a bandage or wound dressing to irrigate or deliver an antibotic, antiseptic, or growth factor to promote healing.

 Grant Award (2R44 DK083782-02)- Eden Medical has been awarded  a  $1.6M Phase 2 NIH SBIR grant  to develop and commercialize the Diabetic Foot Imaging Scanner (DFIS). The DFIS is a point-of-care imaging system to assess diabetic patient risk for ulceration. The National Institute of Diabetic and Digestive and Kidney Diseases(NIDDK) has awarded this 3 year grant to test 50 patients at the University of Arizona Southern Arizona Limb Salvage Alliance facility under the direction of Dr. David Armstrong.