Diabetic Foot Imaging Scanner (1R43DK083782-01)

Korosensor has been awarded a $133,531 Phase 1 SBIR grant for the Diabetic Foot Imaging Scanner (DFIS) by the National Institute of Diabetic and Digestive and Kidney Diseases (NIDDK). A high resolution uncooled IR camera will be integrated into an environmentally controlled scanner housing to measure and assess foot skin temperature. The DFIS will be designed to automatically scan the diabetic foot to provide early detection of potentially damaging inflammation and employ corrective treatment (i.e. allow the patient to modify personal activity) to prevent ulceration. Image processing algorithms identify regions of interest, perform feature extraction, and quantify thermal index behavior. The IR camera will be mounted to a U-shaped gear track.  A small servomotor mounted to the camera body will position the camera at any position on the track with the camera lens directed inward to obtain a thermal images of all sides of the foot. The camera will be positioned (under computer control) to rapidly image all surfaces (i.e. hallux, plantar, mid-foot, heel) of the diabetic foot. An air-inflated cuff located above the ankle at the top of the scanner will hold the foot in position for examination. See journal paper below for thermal index background.

New Grant Award (2R44 DK083782-02)- Eden Medical has been awarded  a new $1.6M Phase 2 NIH SBIR grant on August 20, 2012 to develop and commercialize the Diabetic Foot Imaging Scanner (DFIS). The DFIS is a point-of-care imaging system to assess diabetic patient risk for ulceration. The National Institute of Diabetic and Digestive and Kidney Diseases(NIDDK) has awarded this 3 year grant to test 50 patients at the University of Arizona Southern Arizona Limb Salvage Alliance facility under the direction of Dr. David Armstrong.